Insulation Never Felt So Good!

Phase Change Materials

As the day begins, SHEILD is in a soft-solid state and starts absorbing thermal energy like a magnet.

Throughout the day, SHEILD absorbs and stores energy to melt, working hard to keep you comfortable, while your HVAC works less.

At night, SHIELD will release the thermal energy it absorbed and stored during the day, at its Phase change temperature.

Our technology is built on the foundational laws of thermal dynamics. By using these laws, we are able to shatter the limitations of R-Value based products.

Designed to master all forms of thermal transfer – convection, conduction, and radiation – Shield offers unparalleled temperature control. Its thin profile and light weight make it an ideal fit for a variety of spaces, without compromising on efficiency. As a sustainable energy solution, Shield releases stored thermal energy as needed, ensuring consistent, eco-friendly temperature management.

Our mission is to use the power of technology to foster a new era of energy solutions that protect your future.

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